Our expertise is your success!

In the 21st century the success of a practice does not solely depend on the doctor’s expertise; an atmosphere of trust and modernity is also part of the consulting process just as the examination of a patient or writing out a prescription. Let’s just take a look at the number of patients at private clinics and see: there is really a need for lively and state-of-the-art dentist’s or doctor’s practices.

What do you have to do if you are a doctor and want to set up a modern and unique office? There are hundreds of available properties – how do you know which one is the right one and what factors you have to take into consideration? Or how to find your way in a maze of different designs? Or how long does it take to get a license and when do you need to start the application process? And these are just the initial questions.

Our company has specialized in providing the interior design, construction and furnishing of dental and oral surgery clinics for over 5 years. In our work we pay close attention to facilitating medical technology and ergonomics in the best, cost effective way as well as to creating a friendly environment ensuring stress relief via the means of interior design.

Our professional team is at your service from the very first consultation and will work on turning your special ideas into reality in an uninterrupted manner. In our design process we lay special emphasis on joint brain-storming sessions, choosing the property best suited to your needs and the requirements of your practice, preparing the draft design and working together with our architects. Our aim is to create a dental office where you and your patients can both feel at ease.

Trust our expertise and we can contribute to your success!